Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Best Supplements

For this post I decided I would write about what I have discovered to be the best supplements one should take and spend their money on. These are all supplements that I personally am using and recommend others use as well to meet their physique goals.

General Health

Fish Oil - simply one of the best supplements you can take, everybody with a pulse should be taking at least a tablespoon of fish oil everyday. See a previous post of mine on the benefits of fish oil here. I use two fish oil supplements, in capsule form I like the Costco brand as they are Enteric Coated (no fish burps) and you get 200 caps at a good price. You can order them here. In liquid form, which is a little bit of a better value than caps, I like the Nature's Answer fish oil. You order a bottle at a great price here.

Silymarin (Milk Thistle) - the liver, one of the most important organs in the body (other than the heart, brain, etc...) . Since it is responsible for cleansing the blood of toxins, it also needs to be detoxified. Silymarin is the perfect supplement for this. You can order what I use here.

Muscle Building

Surge Recovery - a post-workout drink from Biotest designed to switch on anabolism and halt catabolism when it's absolutely most important — post workout. The formula stimulates a hormonal (primarily insulin) surge that drives high concentrations of certain nutrients, supplied by the drink, deep into the muscle cell. And absolute must to take after a weightlifting workout and can be ordered here.

Metabolic Drive - one of the best tasting and best overall protein powders available. Was chosen by Men's Health as "Best Protein Shake" and one of its "125 Best Foods for Men". You can order it here.

ZMA - an interesting supplement as most people are deficient in Zinc. This supplement is a mineral-support formula that can dramatically increase natural levels of anabolic hormones and improve athletic performance. It aids in boosting testosterone levels and taken before bed time will help you sleep better. I like Biotest's version and you can order it here.

Creatine - the staple of any weightlifter and the most studied supplement ever. Biotest sells the German Micronized version (the best stuff) and you can order it here.

Fat Burning

Hot-Rox Extreme - if your getting a little pudgy and need to lose a few pounds this is the best fat burner on the market. I've used it the last 2 years to get in shape for trips to tropical destinations. You can read all about it and order it here.