Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping Update #3

I posted back in July that for a challenge, I decided to try a 10 week extreme bodyshaping class. The class was 6 days a week. MWF was kickboxing cardio. TTS was bands weight training.

My stats at the start:

1 mile run: 7:37
1 min pushups: 50
1 min situps : 38
Bodyfat%: 13.8

My stats at the end:

1 mile run: 7:03
1 min pushups: 68
1 min situps : 53
Bodyfat%: 13.2

So I did improve in every category. I thought I could get to 6-7% bodyfat in 10 weeks, but doing that was tougher than I thought. Overall, it has been a positive experience and I will continue to attend the classes through their F.I.T program.

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Anonymous said...

6-7% body WHAT?
-Cousin P