Saturday, April 7, 2007


Hello all! For my first blog post on my new blog “Fitness and Finance” I thought I would post a few of what I feel are the best websites I use/reference daily in the world of fitness and finance.

Fitness – simply the best site on the Internet for anything related to fitness, weightlifting, nutrition, diets, supplements, etc… If you’re not reading t-nation then you really don’t what you’re doing when it comes to fitness. – free site for tracking what you eat everyday. What you look like is 80% determined by diet. – simply the man when it comes to nutrition. Some the best articles you will ever read on diet and nutrition are here. John is a regular contributor to

Finance – a free site where you can start a 1 million dollar virtual mutual fund and see how you do in the market. The top 100 investors on the site determine the stocks that invested in the actual M100 mutual fund. It’s a great learning tool about stock investing.

Yahoo! Finance – great place to simply read about everything in the world of finance. – a free site to read message boards about many different stocks.

I’ll post additional sites as get this blog going over the course of the days/weeks/months. For now, check these sites out!


Anonymous said... aggregates messages from investrvillage and many more, saves a lot of time

Production said...

Thanks for the tip. I was not aware of